Monday, July 21, 2008

Up Where the Eagles Fly...

While sitting outside, we heard the cry of an eagle. As we looked up, two distant silhouettes hove into view. Too far to see what they were precisely, we guessed that they might just be the originators of the cry :)

The farmer's market is a weekly trip I make (or try to make) every Saturday. This weekend, one of my two favourite stall holders had the coolest pack of hot peppers. Inside the punnet, were about a dozen peppers of different kinds, from the spicy Habañero, to the much cooler poblano and jalapeño. I couldn't resist drawing them (the man had grown them himself), although the second one went a little awry.

Both pictures are pastels and pastel pencils. Inspired a little by the Pastel School book I have been reading ;)


  1. way to go Rachel! Love your sky and the ring of trees withthe opening for the Eagles! Wow!

  2. We get eagles and red-tailed hawks that often visit us. Very cool, isn't it? I love the drawing of the eagles. And your peppers just looked yummy!

  3. Great shadows and highlights on those peppers!

  4. Mmh, I love the one with the eagles! The angle you chose works very well, it looks perfect. I love these birds too... I drew a buzzard yesterday, will try to upload it later. Nice peppers too!


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