Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A Place for Precious Things

Making Your Own Nature Box:
OK, so it could be a box for anything your kids hold precious, but my kids are using them to store nature discoveries in, and they are REALLY easy to make!

All you need is glue, an old shoe box, some scrapbook paper, and perhaps some clear film (I have acetate sheets sitting around my house, but your mileage might just vary on this one ;))

Take a shoebox:
Cute pieces of your scrap paper to size, and glue onto the box. I used 3 of the 12 x 12 sheets... I could have used one more for this middle sized (women's shoes) shoebox. For a larger shoebox, use more paper!

Cut a hole in the lid to create a 'frame', and cover the frame with the paper. Do the sides first, then the top, for a neater effect... or do them in one go (I didn't have enough paper for this, but it would be my preference). Allow the kids to decorate with stickers.

From the inside of the lid, either tape (I used double sided tape) or glue your clear film or acetate sheet to the lid. This makes a 'window' so the finds don't fall all over the place when being looked at, but is not strictly necessary. You could also use plastic or glass if you preferred.

Finally place your nature finds or precious things inside it...
... and place on display! Voilà! A place for precious things...


  1. Hey Rachel,

    You need to put this on Mr. Linky for challenge #6!

    Great collection box.

    Barb-Harmony Art Mom

  2. Wow! That is beautiful. My dd says she can't start her insect study until she gets a box. And needless to say... I haven't rushed out to get one yet.

    Maybe we will do something like this. :o)

    Thanks for sharing.



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