Friday, August 24, 2012

Free Pattern Friday: Lacy Blouse

It has been a few weeks since I posted here- primarily because I am getting myself ready for a new homeschool year... which has involved planning, selecting books, changing the plans, changing the books... you get the idea :)
If you are interested in homeschooling life, I occasionally update my homeschool blog- which you can see in the sidebar ---> over there :)
As the weather cools, I am hoping to get back to knitting.  It is an excellent craft to do while you are keeping your eagle eyes on children working.  Or not working as the case may be!
I actually have some vintage children's patterns if anyone is interested in me uploading those.

Anyway, even though the weather here has been much cooler recently, I thought I would upload a nice summery pattern :)
This is a Bernat Handicrafter lace top, from sometime in the 1950s.

It is a 'relatively' simple arrowhead lace pattern, knitted at 13sts per 2 inches and 8 rows per inch over sizes US 1 and 5 needles (2.25mm and 3.75mm).  I say relatively, because if you have lace experience, it is simple, and if you don't, you have that hurdle to overcome first ;)

Knitted with Bernat Miramar yarn, which is a fingering weight yarn and has a yardage of 155 yards per skein.  At 6-7 skeins, that means 930-1085 yards of a fingering weight yarn, and with the lace pattern, I would not recommend going to a yarn any thicker than sport (that would be 3ply UK and Australian).  That is probably pushing it, to be honest, but it might work :)

Knit picks palette yarn has a HUGE number of colours to choose from, and would work well if you can wear wool just fine :)  If not, consider a baby yarn, or maybe an alpaca!

Download link here.

Don't forget to check out Liz over at Zilredloh's and Bex from Subversive Femme's patterns!


  1. So...this whole idea of seeing your bra through your shirt is not a new one!! LOL! Really lovely pattern.

    1. LOL apparently not! I often wonder how many women wore them like this, and how many had a special camisole or something instead? I would think that since most of them wore a bra and a full slip, that it probably did not peak much at all ;)

  2. I came over to your blog from Liz's and am so glad - although now my knitting queue is quite a bit longer. Thanks for the freebies!


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