Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Monday 19th – Wednesday 21st March

Today is the birthday of Bach, according to my calendar! He has long been a favourite composer of mine… but then again, I have been listening to organ music since I was a baby!

Back to the point though:

MONDAY: a great day. St. Joseph must have been watching over us, because school went well. Math was a little dawdled over, but we slipped in some extra reading AND got some time outside! I even managed to complete my ironing and all the laundry waiting for me! Library night was a successful endeavour, ending in a pleasant family walk, which tired the kids out just enough that on

TUESDAY they overslept. Not much, but late enough for me to shower before school. This had happened quite flukily on Monday, so I was especially pleased to receive this gift twice in a row. Once again, I managed to get MORE than usual done for school… and this time we spent several hours outside. O.K. That was unplanned… for the whole story read the Garden Blog!

Due to her lack of a nap, M’Lady zonked out early, and Rebel went to bed a little later than normal. This worked out fine because on

WEDNESDAY M’Lady got up at the normal time, but Rebel was sleeping so I could shower. After that, I got him up and dressed in time for school… where we managed to get everything accomplished again. No outdoor time today, a little brisk for me to sit there! Even so, I feel something has been going well!

PLANNING for the rest of the week- outdoor time and a weather centre are planned for me! I will be setting up another couple of gardens, the kids will do the weather centre.

Rebel has requested some water experiments- we had an impromptu one Sunday with some ice-cubes and salt!

Here is hoping the rest of the week works out so well!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Photo Catch Up...

Here are a few pictures from the last few weeks that I never managed to get uploaded on time due to illness, tireness and sheer unavailable time! ;)

Our Mardi Gras/Pancake Day Dinner... notice pancakes... and Mardi Gras masks :)

This is M'Lady's cat mask... I asked her what kind of mask she wanted... she said "A cat". I drew it, cut it out, and helped her decorate it (that is, I applied the glue and rolled the tissue paper... she told me where the glue was to go. This is the result!

Rebel's mask was more robotic looking... it has drawings of birds and snakes and other creatures over it... quite inventive really :) And ALL his own design!

Then there were the Wholewheat Pretzels (recipe in the King Arthur Whole-wheat baking book) I made for Ash Wednesday. They were really yummy! I sprinkled a little cheese (Parmesan) and garlic salt on them.
Now... for the gardening adventures, check out the garden blog :)

Saturday, March 10, 2007

I keep meaning to write...

after all, it is supposed to be a blog about life at our house.

Of course... life also means illness. And that is what struck us down a couple of weeks ago... and you know when the kids are ill, you just dont feel like doing much. Then of course you get ill... and the cycle continues.

But, interestingly enough, just a week ago, my hospitality theme was actually put into action. I invited my friend and her family around... hosting them for dinner.
On the Menu:
Cola Roast
Cous Cous
Lima Beans

And a Lemon Drizzle cake for dessert... YUM! So much for my Lenten fasting... luckily I fasted from meat a couple of times that week... a habit I have tried to keep up in memory of the older Christians.

The following day, we were invited out to dinner with other friends. This couple are an older couple, Jacobite used to work with the husband, and was even his best man a couple of years ago. The meal was delightful... and the kids were angelic.
Then, the day after that we were invited to a friend's church. These friends are another older couple... the wife used to be best friends with my MIL before she died. The church was hosting a homecoming dinner and concert, and we attended. Even though it was longer than we had planned, the kids were again, angelic. Thank goodness for small mercies!

This weekend I have been planning and playing in the garden... hopefully I will be able to blog and post pictures on my garden blog later :)
And maybe I will get to the mardi gras masks the kids made... amongst other things...
So many things to do, so little time!