About Me

About Me:
I am a homeschooling mother of two - a boy and a girl. I am somewhat of an eclectic homeschooler, with preferences for the Charlotte Mason (CM), Latin Centered Curriculum (LCC) and Thomas Jefferson Education (TJE) methods. I am an irregular on the 4 Real and Well Trained Mind (WTM) forums :) and I run several Yahoo Groups based on these homeschooling philosophies.
I am originally from England, but married to an American man and living in Virginia, in the USA.
I like to read, draw, paint, garden, knit, sew, crochet, spin, tat- I love the old fashioned crafts out there!
About My Blog:
I used to blog at homeschool blogger, under Classically Speaking, but when I switched to Blogger, the name was already taken! Instead I switched to The Jacobite Rose and now I have a homeschool notes blog here on blogger too :)
This blog is about my life... homeschooling, family, crafting and reading, and all the things I love. You'll see a selection of my art (when I have the time to upload it), all of which is NOT for others to copy. Please ask if you wish to use my pictures, I am very accommodating :)
My garden/nature journal can be found over at Wortcunning, while my learning notes are over at Lighting a Fire.
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Contact Me:

I can always be contacted by commenting on my blog, as the comments are emailed to me :)
I have allowed most comments, including the universal I.D.

You can also contact me via the groups listed above :)

Or you can email me at Spinneretta AT gmail DOT com (with the words in capitals replaced with their symbols and the spaces removed ;))