Thursday, April 02, 2015

Spring For Cotton

It's been a while, but this would seem to be the perfect time to restart the blog. At least for the duration of Spring for Cotton.
Yes, Rochelle over at Lucky Lucille is doing it again. This time it is one garment, 100% cotton and vintage inspired. That definitely is my kind of challenge!
I have other projects on my list- a demanding child who has at least three things lined up for me to make her :), so I thought I would try for something simple.
I picked up a guide to resizing patterns a few months back, and I plan to use it with this blouse pattern. I've made it before, twice, but both times messed up the size a little. This makes it perfect for a trial run!
The fabric is a lightweight yellow, polka-dot cotton. I have been dying for some spring colours, and some blouses, so hopefully I'll be working on this soon!


  1. I won't be entering the Rochelle's springforcotton so along due to moving from one house to another, but I am really excited about your sewing project and I can't wait to see it finished.


    1. Thanks Jacqueline! Sometimes it is almost as much fun following along with someone else ;)


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