Saturday, April 04, 2015

Spring for Cotton: Pattern Resizing

So I'm resizing my blouse pattern using the techniques in this Connie Crawford workbook.
It's a great book, with different types of garment and detailed instructions. I also bought the grading ruler that goes with the book.

My pattern is a 1948 Simplicity, printed pattern. I've made view 3 and 1 (with short sleeves) before. My first attempt was a little snug over my shoulders (I still wore it a lot) while my second attempt with view 3 was a little roomy! I'm hoping this new technique will do the trick!
I also picked out some buttons to go with my fabric... and since I am a sucker for novelty buttons, that's what I got!

The daisies just screamed "springlike" to me! I shall try to record some of my pattern grading as I go, and maybe blog about it some. Wish me luck!

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