Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sew for Victory: Simplicity 4864 (1943)

So I pretty much finished my 1940s blouse.  It still needs a pair of shoulder pads put in, and a GOOD photo of it in bright light.  Sorry, you are going to have to deal with my instagram and washed out photos (because it is WAAAAY too cold to go out and try again!).

Here is the front.  With a 22*F windchill I am shivering!  My hair is up in a snood I made because I got tired of it blowing in my face the FIRST time I tried to get photos.
Those are my wearable muslin version of the trouser pattern I will be making next.  As you see- another blue piece of clothing :)

The trousers are actually very slimming.  You can see here from the most unflattering side view, how my mother physique is rendered less apple-like ;)    The wind is blowing, so things are not exactly placed as I prefer!

At this point I am too cold to really care!

I tried a new technique I read about yesterday, in the newest issue of Threads Magazine.  Covered snap fasteners.  And a locking stitch to sew them in place.  I haven't had a chance to really see how well it will hole up though.


I managed to find the perfect buttons first try!  These orange buttons matched the fabric scrap I took with me, and I knew they were winners!  I was also fairly pleased with the way the bow turned out, although it took a few tries.

Here you can see it in my instagram photo - NOT set in place though.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Simplicity 5385

Normally I am not a fan of patterns from the 1960s.  Oh don't get me wrong, I think many of the 60s fashions are beautiful, but I prefer those from the late 30s through the 50s, much more my thing.
So when I found some vintage patterns in an antique shop for $1 a piece, I wasn't about to turn down the patterns even though they were not all from my favourite eras.

And this was one of the patterns I found.

Simplicity 5385- from 1964.  The notation says "This skirt really fits".

I found the annotation on the envelope especially fun :)  The pattern is from 1964, and features a shift tunic/dress and an a-line WRAP skirt.  Yes, a wrap skirt.  It immediately went on my 'to-make' list.

It is a fairly quick make.  It is a two-piece pattern, seamed down the front.  Two large patch pockets are placed on the front, and the skirt is fastened with a snap and ties that come round and are tied in the front.

The back of Simplicity 5385
You can see the fun design, here, on the back of the pattern envelope. 

So, when I decided to make it, I chose a poly-cotton blend, twill, bottom-weight fabric.  I wanted it to be sturdy and casual, and this seemed like a good choice.  I finished it last week, just before starting my Sew For Victory Challenge!

The front of my skirt.
The added advantage of a heavier weight fabric, is that it helped it to maintain it's a-line shape, which is always nice.  Please excuse the awkward pose, it was pretty cold out ;)  And please excuse the wrinkles, I had already sat down in the skirt.

And the back.  I find this one rather flattering!
The back allows you to see the 'wrap' of the skirt.  I *did* learn a few things with this. 
1.  When making a back wrap skirt, you need to make sure the fastener at the waist is far enough over that the skirt won't flash people as you walk along.  A petticoat is also a good idea ;)
2.  Watch the scissors.  They will manage to mysteriously cut a hole in your skirt if you don't watch.
3.  When enlarging the pattern, you might like to add length to the wrap ends to prevent the fastener placement being as much of an issue ;)

The large pockets are also awesome.  Not that I have used them for much except putting my hands in and for holding the fabric for my 1940's blouse when I went to choose buttons (more on that later... I'm almost finished!).
Yes, you'll have noticed that I once again chose blue, which is one of my staple wardrobe colours - it goes with a lot!
You can find a great post about vintage wrap skirt patterns at the Midvale Cottage Post.  I love the linings in the skirts featured, and would definitely consider making this one again, only with a lining!

Back soon with an update to my sew for victory challenge!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sew for Victory

Well, Happy New Year, Happy Valentines Day and more to you.  Yes, it has been a while since I got a post up.  Much of January was spent with the family being ill, the rest was just a trying time of getting back into the rhythm of life!
I have some great things I want to share with you, but as always, some of those will just have to wait until I can manage to get a good photo during the day.

First and foremost, though, is a sewing challenge hosted by the fabulous Rochelle of Lucky Lucille.

Yes.  A vintage themed sew along!  All those participating will sew a 1940's/1940's inspired pattern.  You can go see all the details here, along with a fun video featuring Rochelle's really cute dog Lucille :)

What am I making?  I shall be sewing some more trousers from the Simplicity 3688 reproduction pattern.  No biggie, I have made them before, along with lots of adjustments, so I am saving them for last.

They are very flattering and comfortable to wear, and my wearable muslin (toile) has seen a LOT of wear.  Tasha at By Gum By Golly made a fantastic pair just a couple of weeks ago, for Debi's Sew Grateful week (this is the final post, you should definitely look at the rest).  You have to check both of those out if you haven't already!

I shall also be making this lovely blouse... view 3.  That would be the bow blouse on the far right.  I purchased this pattern for the bow blouse and the scalloped blouse, so I am excited to start sewing on it.  In fact, I started today, so maybe post later with the fabric and more.

On an artistic note, I found something fascinating the other day, pertaining specifically to the illustrations on these patterns.  I hope to post more on that later!
In the meantime, follow along with the other sewists on Flickr, and perhaps I might get my instagram groove on later!