Friday, July 20, 2012

Free Pattern Friday: The Loop Cable Cardigan

This pattern comes to you from 1953.  I have included the front page of the publication, complete with the notes from the original owner on it!

Pattern Cover
I chose this one because 1. I think cardigans are very useful and 2. this one has a very interesting cable pattern on it.

Loop Cable Cardigan
It actually reminds me a little of the jumper I made.  Quickly reading the instructions for the cable, I can honestly say it looks like a very interesting method :)  I might try it with something else first (I have lots of things I need to make).

Another interesting thing is the brand on this pattern.  I remember my mum looking at a lot of Jaeger patterns when I was little - because somewhere in the back of my mind I associated it with jaguars.  

This pattern comes in small (12-14), medium (16) and large (18-20) .  That corresponds with modern bust sizes, 30-32, 34 and 36-38.
It asks for a gauge/tension of 7 stitches and 7 rows to 1 inch.  With a smaller needle you could get this with a sportweight yarn (DK), although it asks for a fingering yarn (4 ply).

So without further ado, here is the Loop Cable cardigan pattern.

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  1. Very pretty! I love cables, and would very much like a sweater like this one. Perhaps it will have to go on my to-knit list as well!


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