Thursday, July 05, 2012

My 1930's 4th July Outfit

Joining in with the other ladies of Elizabeth's Needle and ThREAD :)
needle and thREAD
OK so you can see my book in yesterday's post... I just finished it, and frankly, I was disappointed.  The ending of the book raised some questions and laid in a setup for a new storyline.  I think I might have to read the other books for best effect ;)

I was SO HOT!  It was in the upper 90s* at this point, and although my dress is lovely and cool cotton, I was STILL hot.  But then, that is not a change from the last couple of weeks.
I have a lovely 1940s hairstyle (courtesy of Solanah's tutorial) and a 1960s basket bag.  The hat and shoes are modern LOL but suit the era.  The dress is from a 1930's pattern, Simplicity 2788.

I made view 1 (left), and just for your information, I later upgraded my belt with a vintage dark red buckle I bought in an antique shop.  It looked much better once I did!
I had originally planned to add rickrack (as shown on the envelope) but I could not find it in either burgundy or cream (the colours of my dress).  I ended up using a cream coloured trim.
However, my dress received lots of compliments throughout the day, as did my hat ;)  And I was happy!  This has been sitting in my UFO basket for ages, so now it has been moved, I am content!


  1. This is an interesting post:) Really nice to read and your dress, hat and basket are... well I can imagine you received lots of compliments!

    1. Thank you Elisabeth :) I did, in fact!

  2. I can see how the red would really look nice with this. It looks fantastic. Great shoes too!

    1. thanks Jill :) I shall have to take a photo with the red, it looked so much better ;)

  3. Very cute! I have a handful of 30s patterns but have not made any of them yet. I do really like all of the things they did with buttons.

    1. Thank you Val :) This was fun. The instructions are often a little sparse in these old patterns- so I now collect the old sewing books to help me LOL
      And yes, I loved the buttons too. These are modern buttons, but I loved the fact they have a vintage style and feel to them- even if they ARE modern plastic!


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