Monday, September 24, 2012

Free Pattern... err... Monday?

OK so I did not forget last Friday... when I actually had some time.  I just hadn't scanned in one yet for you!  So I thought I would add it today, because Liz from Zilredloh has kindly given me a shout-out today!

Today's offering, comes from a Bernat book from 1960.  I discovered it hiding amongst some other vintage patterns, and fell immediately in love with the two cardigans on the front.  Then I flipped it over and fell for the  two on the back.  And a number of the ones inside.  1960 is right on the edge of my favourite time period for vintage pieces, but these cardigans are all classics!

Even better, the cardigans are knitted at a larger tension/gauge than the other vintage patterns I have.  I am giving you the one on the left today... a simple ribbed cardigan, knitted in a worsted weight yarn!
Tension/Gauge is 9sts to 2 inches and 6 rows to 1 inch.

Bernat 1960s Ribbed Cardigan.

I personally bought the pattern for the cardigan on the right, and have plans to cast on for that after my 1950s pattern is done.  Yes, it is taking forever LOL  But the good news is that I am finally onto the sleeves!  Everything else (including sewing, buttons and trim) is all done!

I'll be back later this week with a sewing update.


  1. Thanks for the pattern! Do you have plans to post up the pattern for the one on the right? It is gorgeous. Thanks. I will follow anyway to see what else you have :-) I love vintage patterns and have quite a collection, but unfortunately not enough hours in the day to make them all.

    1. Lizzie- that is the one I love too :)
      My scanner was not co-operating when I tried to scan it in, so maybe in the future I will- IF it will scan.

  2. Hi Rachel, I just found your blog (from Susan Branch's site), and really love all the vintage knitting patterns. I've been hunting vintage baby patterns, and actually found a lady in England who sells pdfs online. I've started one, that has a beautiful lacey neck down bodice, and even though I checked gauge, I think it will fit a 7 or 8 year old! I knew it was getting too large, but it was just too pretty to pull out! The wording and abbreviations from the old British patterns take some investigating for this American knitter. I'm going to finish the giant baby pattern, then try again. I'm thinking my mistake is probably needle size.

    1. The (old) British needle sizes are actually completely different from US needle sizes :) I have various charts online I use to help translate :) The British needles go in the opposite direction from the ones here... the higher the number the smaller the needle!
      Try this one on for size :)

    2. Oh and thank you for the compliments :) Do visit the links I mention as the other sites have many more patterns!


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