Friday, March 21, 2008

Stories from the Great Outdoors

The first day of spring, combined into a lovely day at the park for my kids and me… and about 2 dozen other homeschoolers, when we celebrated a spring picnic!

Not one to miss an opportunity, I took the moment to suggest to our Nature Club, that the meeting this month should take place then too… and boy was I right!

The kids are so focused when it comes to nature... Rebel concentrates while picking a sample of violet.

Our park, was blessed with a lovely creek… which, cool weather notwithstanding, the kids took off shoes and socks and proceeded to wade into, collecting fish, frogs, tadpoles, water striders, salamanders and crayfish.

The kids had a blast and I… got sunburned.

OK that was not too fun… I was fully covered (it wasn’t that warm), but my face got it. I couldn’t wear my usual hat (it was too windy) so, forgetful as I am, without sunscreen, the seemingly mild spring sun got me! And I had been doing so well this year too (this is the first time I managed it this year… last year I think I got burned in January :-o)

I just wish I had taken my camera down to the creek with the kids, that would have been a good move, but of course I forgot and left it up at the picnic site!

Never mind... here is the bone we collected, and for more spring like picture, you can check out the latest post at my nature blog, where the latest Green Hour Assignment is up :)

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