Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Self Portrait and a Tap

Sounds kind of funny, but that's what I drew yesterday. The self portrait was in the car... M'Lady had fallen asleep by the time we got to the store, so I waited with her, while Jacobite and Rebel went inside. Apparently they took a while, but I didn't really notice! Even better- since I was the passenger, I could finish the shading on the way home!

The other picture was our bathroom tap. I know this is another of the EDM challenges, so I drew it. I'd really like to go back later and do another sketch, complete with the controls and the reflections deeply studied!


  1. Oh how fun! drawing time and someone else to do the driving! great self portrait- Using the rear view mirror?? love the tap too! I agree it's fun to work on the reflections. cheers!

  2. Beautiful old bathroom tap!
    Your self portrait is great. Very intense expression!
    I sent you an award on my blog! Feel free to participate if you feel like it!

  3. Love your self portrait and your creative use of the time too!

  4. Wow! Great self portrait! Like your faucet, too!


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