Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Food Glorious Food!

Don't care what it looks like... ;)

First up... an accidental plan view of dinner. Accidental because during a distraction I started to draw... then realised it was plan! I ended up drawing standing up LOL. Luckily it was the leftovers again ;) (DD fell asleep eating so she had a lot... shame she didn't STAY asleep ;))

Then, because I am having problems with my hand from too much mouse work (:-o), I kept it simple with a spray bottle.

That allowed me to put a strikethrough on my list of EDM's ;)

As did today's drawing:

Or rather drawingS. Different media versions of EDM #179: Draw an onion. From the top: pastel pencils, graphite pencils (H, 4B and 9B), Derwent Watercolour Pencils.

And a painting for someone on a swap:


  1. Your onions and all your drawings here look great! You have been busy.

  2. Wow all of your drawings are great! I especially love the onion!

  3. "shame she didn't stay asleep!" lol! I remember the feeling!
    All are great, I agree! my fave is the spray bottle, I think.


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