Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Blogging Food

My solution to draw the leftovers of a meal works well... most of the time :) See, in my house, there are children, and they ALWAYS have leftovers!! However, today is Wednesday, and my grocery shopping day. We always eat out on grocery shopping day to make the ordeal go faster... otherwise we leave very late for the store.

Lucky me, we chose Chick-Fil-A, where I love the spicy chicken cool wrap... served up in two half portions, which allows me to eat while drawing the other half! And the dressing packet ;)

I also drew a picture of what was left... a pitiful bit of tortilla wrap, and a piece of lettuce. The only reason the lettuce stayed was so I could draw it ;)

This picture was done in the Pigma brown... which for some reason just scanned odd. I know Kate calls it red ochre, and it really does look red on here! I am not sure I like the effect... maybe if it had been watercolour?
Maybe it is just the scan... it looks OK in person ;)


  1. I like the red drawings! And the journaling, too. I'm not fast enough to draw a meal! Your illuminated letters are great (and thank to you, I learned this word : illuminated letters. That's called "enluminures" in french.)

  2. Fantastic! Now I know how to say it in French too :) I always enjoy adding to my French vocabulary - so Thank You!

  3. Nice work! I love these food drawings, but I never remember to draw my own until I've already eaten it! Must learn to draw from memory!

  4. Fun blog! I like to work on dark paper too. continued success

  5. Funny isn't it the way we eat now that we journal it...or NOT eat 'ti' as to draw it. I am thinking about what to eat based on how it would be to draw it!!

    Great job by the way.


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