Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Another Portrait and a Delicious Cake!

So I made my aim come true... I did a pastel self-portrait. I am not too happy with it for a couple of reasons. 1. I didn't like the paper. Watercolour paper does not work well!! (At least not this cheap stuff I got). and 2. I messed up somewhere. I can't say for sure where, but something is a little- off about it. Other than that I learned a bit. Like it needs to be a lot bigger to get the detail in ;)

Sometimes surfing the web had be hazardous. I was looking for something the other day, when I ran across this delicious recipe for an Orange Cake. It was unique enough to catch my eye, simple enough to make me want to make it, and delicious looking enough to make my mouth water. I made a special trip to the store for the oranges ;)

And sat down and drew them immediately. I wanted to draw the process! So what I set to with the baking this morning, I drew the blender and the bowl too...

And what would life be without results? So I drew those too. My cake was not the prettiest due to sabotage. Yes, the kids had eaten a lot of my sugar, so I had to supplement with light brown sugar! Then the cake stuck a little to the pan. I probably should have waited and let it cool a little longer :/

Nevertheless, the taste is delicious. Very orangey, and so simple to make :)


  1. Yummo! that does look and sound really good!

    yeah water color paper has a bit too much texture for pastels when doing a portrait but hey, the picture looks neat and you learned stuff! what more can you really ask for?

  2. I think your portrait is great! And so is the process to the cake!!!

  3. I like your portrait in spite of the too rough paper. You've got the 3D feel in it and enough detail to see "you".

    Your orange cake process pictures are great too but where is the recipe? It looks so good I want some! I made one once that meant grinding up the whole orange in the batter. Is this one like that?

  4. Recipe is at the link in the post :)

  5. I think the portrait is good too but you're the one who knows best on this subject! Love all the recipe drawings. They're wonderful. The blender is my fave. Only (a good) drawing can make a blender look so neat!

  6. Look at what lengths we go to to sketch! Love it love it all!


  7. Your drawings are lovely!! And making me hungry, so off I go to make some muffins.

    Have a blessed week!

    ps love the Indiana Jones music in the background - lol!


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