Thursday, July 24, 2008

Two EDMs- one with surgery :)

EDM #14: Draw what you see when you get up in the morning. This is pretty much it. When I get up, I am not wearing glasses or contacts, so everything is fuzzy. The window is opposite my pillow, so as I am getting up, this is the first thing I see. Of course I could draw the messy bookcase/bedside table or my wardrobe door, but neither of those were interesting either :)
It looked a little bland, so I applied to the Anita school of plastic surgery, and added a little paint!

EDM #181: Draw a Trash Can. Of course I call them 'bins' most of the time, but this one is mine. As you can see, it is the end of the day because the thing is full! The problem with not having a black paint, by the way, is that when you have something black to paint, you make do with one you make. Needless to say I didn't want to wait too long to keep painting the bag in the bin :) so it's grey!


  1. way to go! 2 edm challenges in one day!. You did great with the full trashcan. Love the palstic feel of the can and the liner bag too. well done!

  2. Your work and generous spirit are inspiring so .. I am presenting you with an Arte y Pico Award. If you would like to accept this award please visit my blog and follow the rules, If you choose not to accept, you still rock!

  3. I love the highlights on the bag and milk container. Have you read Jeanne Dobie's book "Making Color SIng"? She has a whole section on grays. Your sketch is a great example of what she writes about.

  4. Great job on this trashcan, I agree with Stephanie, you rendered the materials really well! And the first view when you get up without glasses, that's a cool one!

  5. Love the wash technique you did. I sooo need to do some EDM topics.
    Way to get 2 done.


  6. Thanks everyone!
    Barbara, no I haven't yet read it, BUT I have it waiting for me at the library :)

  7. Oh, this is very good, especially your work on the plastic liner bag. Loved your peppers, too!


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