Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Daybook for Tuesday 22nd July

Woops! Forgot to do this yesterday, but I am sure no-one will mind! For more Daybook entries, go to Peggy's place at the Simple Woman Blog :)

For Today...

Outside my Window... The heat is building up again. The skies are that pale blue I associate with really hot days.

I am hearing... Cicadas. Considering it is not even 9am, and those things are hissing like mad, you can tell it is already hot out there!

Around the house... Got some laundry to fold. The kids have craft stuff lying around from where they are creating things too :)

I am thinking... that I really want to paint and draw the rest of those peppers!
I am thankful for... Sunny days. Virginia has a great many more than England does, and I do enjoy it, although I am also thankful when we have rain :)

From the kitchen... I'm considering making some whole-wheat bread because I can't seem to get good bread at the store these days. Otherwise we have a pork tenderloin for dinner tonight :)

I am creating... I have been making some of these teeny tiny knitted toys recently.

I am going... NOWHERE! I have no plans to get out into the heat ;)

I am wearing... White skirt (calf length), blue t-shirt. Hair in a low ponytail.

I am reading... A really weird novel, Pastel School and the latest Country Living UK.

I am hoping... to save up enough to buy a really nice pastel or watercolour set. I haven't decided which yet :)

One of my favorite things... is snuggling up to the kids!

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week... maybe make another teeny tiny toy- or just another toy! Paint some of the other peppers, and get my son's bedding washed (I'LL have to strip the bed though, he never hears me ;))

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you... It's hard work- being a 4 year old!


  1. Oh poor baby! Her teacher must be a real taskmaster! :-)

  2. hehe! That's how I feel! I will be very happy when my children finish with their play on Sunday.

    Peace and Laughter!


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