Monday, July 14, 2008

Two More EDM Challenges

Two more food related drawings. First a cucumber from my garden. It tells you on the page that when I first came to America, I was surprised by the appearance of cucumbers. I still think they look more like Gherkins than salad cucumbers ;)

Today, I drew something red (one of the EDM challenges) AND something in my favourite colour. There are two in the picture so...

One tomato from the store and the less perfect specimen from the farmer's market. Bet I know which tastes better. They are both local however, and Hanover Tomatoes from Virginia are apparently very famous!


  1. Good for you, getting two challenges done with one drawing, clever girl! And lovely drawing, too.

  2. love the soft colors of the cucumber and the red of those tomatoes is delicious looking! Great sketches!

  3. Wonderful drawings! I think I like the cucumber drawing best. I still haven't decided what my favorite color is this week :)

  4. Oh I just love your blog. I came over to read the day book entry (this was my second time) Can you believe how many there are today?
    And anyway I love your blog. I found this template the other day and tried to download it but I couldn't get it to work. I love seeing it in a real blog.
    I would love to know how you did it!
    Please come by and say hi.
    I am going back now to read the rest of your amazing blog.

  5. Thank you Maryo!
    Thank you Stephanie, I love the colours that pastels give.
    Ann: I was very pleased with the way the cucumber came out. Which is good, because for a bit I was uncertain that I'd get it right!
    Sherry: I'm coming over to tell you and I'll add it here too :)
    My template- I downloaded it AND the instructions, and I had to work through those instructions bit by bit. I have a test blog that I tested it all out on (it is a private one ;)), and I'd check it until it worked. But literally, you had to follow those written instructions word for word to get it done :)

  6. these new pastels are gorgeous...especially the tomatoes....send me one please...i want a blt...yummm

  7. Great drawings! These tomatoes look delicious! Love the light and color you put on them, and how their skin looks shiny and tight!

  8. Wow both are v ery nicely done! I love the blending of the colors!

  9. Have you redesigned your blog a little? I haven't kept up lately. It looks nice.

    I am jealous that you are getting produce from your garden already. Spring was cold and slow to leave this year so we are just now getting a few beans...soon though..

  10. Great job on the tomatoes. I think there are very many varieties of cucumbers grown in the States. We just lump them all together. I like the gherskins best myself. I do not like the large ones with large seeds.
    Mama Bear


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