Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Summer's Bounty

That's what I like to call the latest picture in my new journal. This time, when I made it, I upgraded my paper to the more expensive Canson montvale, and a pad of Mi-Teints in a variety of neutral colours. I love the toned paper, and hope to try using some gouache with it at some point, but the white paper is there purely so I can draw and paint with the watercolours, and ink.
So, using those lovely colours, I drew the rest of the peppers from Saturday with my trusty Pigma Micron, then added watercolour washes with my Winsor and Newton set. I actually like the result!

Three smaller pictures, so I could record EACH of the lovely peppers, whose colours tempted me to buy them. I have no idea what to make with them, but I am sure I will think of something ;) Suggestions are warmly welcome however!
This definitely applies to the EDM: "Draw something hot"... because I know that these peppers are ALL hot! (Especially yesterday's habañero!) .


  1. What a beautiful job you made with them.
    LOL..I have purchased foods many a time with no intention of eating it, just painting it.
    Artists eh?

  2. Great peppers. I think you have the beginnings of some salsa.

  3. Your peppers are rich and wonderful..and no doubt flavourful.

  4. They look beautiful. Nice work!

  5. Love your sketches! They're awesome! :) Marva

  6. Beautiful peppers! Those new colors are really lovely.

  7. Your blog is such a joy to read. Would you like a couple of very easy bread recipes that other bloggers have shared? I wouldn't mind sending them your way. Tomorrow I am heading to your fair state from NC - we are heading to Wytheville - from what I've seen it sounds like a really pretty town.



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