Wednesday, July 02, 2008

New month, new idea

So this month, in school we'll be trying to read a few things and finish off someone's mathematics book, then we'll be ordering new stuff.
Meanwhile in painting and drawing, there is a July theme of 'food'. I decided to join in, at least for now, and drew my dinner last night.
Only, I did not want to wait for it to cool down while I was drawing... so I ate it and drew the leftovers- combined from our various plates and added to to make it look more like a meal. Just not as big *grin*

My illuminated letter went a bit wonky this time- I need to get a decent brush for the acrylic paint OR just buy one of those pens ;)


  1. Wonderful sketches, Rachel! I've done a lot of meal sketching and it IS hard to wait to eat,that's for sure! Your solution is perfect.

  2. Fabulous sketch, and leftovers makes you (me) eat less ;-) and I Love the weather insert, I may add that to my sketches too. I posted ONE day's food sketch and Food is Hard!

  3. Clever - using the leftovers. I might try that, if there ever were any! (Great sketches!)

  4. Great sketch! Leftovers are the best aren't they?

  5. So that's how it's done !! - I am an eater first and a sketcher second which accounts for my lack of food sketches (except for a recent posting of a completely devoured watermelon slice) If I ever can find leftovers I will try this -- Great idea and great sketches


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