Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Art Series

Sometimes there is a topic you paint, which you feel drawn to paint or draw again and again. Sometimes it is because you are not satisfied with the result. Sometimes you want to try something a little different.

On our walk the other day, we can across a really cool old tree. It was cool because it had this interesting hollow in it. Then there was the light across it (my favourite part) and the pattern of the bark. So I took a photo that I might draw it later (I did a great number of photos to draw later :))

So I have been drawing the tree. First I did it in gouache on toned paper. I was not really happy with the results... my gouache being the cheaper variety ;)

Next up I tried pastels on watercolour paper. This I was VERY happy with, despite the fact that I would have vastly preferred the toned paper for my pastels :)

Finally I tried some pencils on watercolour (cold pressed) paper. I think it looks unfinished, so I'll try to figure out what it needs and add it :)

Will I try to return to the tree again? Maybe. I have an inkling of trying ink and wash or just watercolour. Either way, the tree is now immortalized in my art journal :)


  1. I especially love the first one... the one you aren't happy with! LOL!

  2. good series... are you doing it for your ATC?

  3. I love the first two - they both have great relief (or is it highlight?), and a real forest feel. The colors and shadows are great! I like the third one two, but the bark isn't as highlighted (I think it's the one I meant this time ;) as in the two others.

  4. I really like the first 2 I think you are right the last one needs something... and it would look great as an ink and wash. I love the bark and the light.

  5. I agree with the richness of the first 2. Excellent!

  6. That is a gorgeous tree. I can imagine a fairy shyly peeking out of that hollow. I would use pen and ink with a wash, but you know I favor pen and ink. ;o)

    I understand your dissatisfaction. Sometimes it helps if I go back to my art later and work on it more. Nothing is finished until someone pries it loose from my fingers.

    Peace and Laughter!

  7. Nice to meet up with you - what part of England did you originally come from?? I live in Norfolk. Thanks for popping into my fuchsia post - had to reciprocate. Enjoyed scanning through - well done with the awards. Love the tree photos and prefer the gouache rendition you didnt like much - amazing how we dont see our own best work.

  8. Beautiful pictures. You are talented!

  9. Dont understand why but a longish comment I left yesterday does not appear. I said I liked your first tree version and lots of your tree photos. Great idea to use different media for the same subject to see the differences. Why are you a 'Jacobite' rose?? What part of England you from originally - Im here in Norfolk.

  10. Joan, it didn't pop up because I wasn't online to approve it :)
    I am originally from Bedfordshire :) But I was born in Essex and went to University there for a while :)


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