Sunday, May 31, 2009

The End of Everyday in May

OK I am not sure if this is the zucchini/courgette or the yellow skinned squash, but either way it's growing in my garden- and I can't wait until harvest-time!!

interesting cloud formations in the sky as a storm approached- decided to try to do some work from memory- this was attempt 1...

This was attempt 2 at the approaching storm. I think I need practise at the landscapes...

This was both the first and last Every Day in May last year... thought I'd compare it ;)

Spending most of the day outside I decided to try out the Pitt brush pen as a sketching tool. I rather enjoyed it- but would vastly prefer a more greyish colour... will have to look for that in the store ;) As I was sketching, the lizard came out to sun himself... so I drew him- three times from three different distances... he actually allowed me to get quite close... I added colour with some colour pencils...

More sketches with the brush pen from the garden- scan a bit blurry though...
I think I am getting the hang of the pen, I just have to think of it as a brush and not a pen ;)


  1. I think I'll have to look for a brush pen. I like how it looks on the page.

    The lizard is great! I wonder if I should try to sketch one of our backyard toads. They stay pretty still too.

    Peace and Laughter,

  2. Oh do get the brush pen (and one for each of the kids so they don't nick yours)- it is quite a lot of fun. It had been sitting in my pencil box for ages- and finally I decided to go for it and use it. I loved the marks it make. As someone else said- it is almost a woodcut mark- made me think of Chinese brush paintings. I didn't care for the heavy BLACK line- I think I'd prefer a grey one (I believe they have these in grey too ;)), but that is just my personal preference :)
    I have a suspicion that they would make awesome sketches for Plein Aire work- because they are great at variations in line!
    Thanks Cristina!
    As for the toads- go for it :) I've done ours before, but I always get my camera out so if they WONT sit still, I can still sketch it lol


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