Wednesday, May 27, 2009


So I decided I really needed to catch up on some of the challenges out there. Often challenges put us outside our personal preference zones- like the VSD Challenge in the post below. I typically dont draw people- not because I dislike to, but because I detest it when my pictures don't look like them ;p I'm working on that though... :D
So after enjoying that challenge and getting a moderate likeness, I decided to do some of the EDM Challenges... in this case 224 and 225- the two most recent.
In my defense, the only reason I had put off 224 was because I am waiting on a shipment of new watercolours I wanted to use. I gave up waiting and plan to paint some swap items with the paints instead ;)

EDM #224: Draw a Jug or Pitcher
I think this one was actually my suggestion- hence the title- draw a JUG or PITCHER because I am informed most Americans don't call this a jug. I do. But then I also call the glass thing you measure liquids in a jug, and the thing milk comes in a jug... if it has a handle and is meant to pour, I probably call it a jug LOL.
This one I tend to call a pitcher because it is an antique- and yes I have drawn it before... you can see it in my snow pages and I am sure it featured elsewhere too lol.
I debated between this one and the one I drew for EDiM last year (both the first and last entries)... but decided to keep last year's one for the last day in May ;)

This week's EDM Challenge was to "Draw Something Sticky". There is nothing so sticky in our house than honey. Well... maybe the rubber cement on the floor, but we cleaned that up before I could draw it- and it wasn't pretty ;) But honey is VERY sticky and constantly getting spilled in tiny drops all over the kitchen (eeuwww!)
But honey has a very famous advocate, that just decided that he had to be in this picture :) I took a photograph so that no honey monsters would come and take the honey before I had finished, and I finished my picture at leisure (while the honey monsters ate honey on bread- boy do I have them figured out or what??).


  1. Oh Man! That is a good one! Yes, even when I am super duper careful I still end up sticky with honey! Nicely rendered.


  2. I admit- it is the ONLY thing I dislike about honey ;)

  3. Nice work! That is a pretty pitcher. And of course you have to have Pooh when you have honey!

  4. Thanks Ann- that's what I said- you need Pooh when you have honey!

  5. Lovely honey! And timely - I have just been listening to Alan Bennett reading from the book...

  6. I love the Pooh books :) Thanks Marancat!


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