Monday, May 11, 2009

Keeping up with the EDiMs :)

The Indian Strawberry or Duchesnea indica. I seem to draw at least one of these each year- this one was brought to me by DD "for you to draw Mama!" :)

As we stopped at the local craft store, I saw a mama duck with her 9 ducklings. They were so cute and fluffy- and an instant hit with DD (although not so much with my son). We took a few photos, from which this drawing is taken- not having enough time to stop and draw :)

When I saw the ducks, I was stopping at my local Michael's. There I picked up a sketch book and some watercolour crayons to try out. When I came out, a beaver was chasing the mother duck and her ducklings around the pond! I was a little worried the beaver wanted to eat them- although I was sure he was a herbivore. Later on I found out that I was right- he IS. I'm guessing he is just terratorial, because he also chases geese all the time LOL. Some storms were blowing in at the time, and I quickly captured some of the clouds I saw... the reason for my sketchbook. I wanted something a little 'rougher' for my more 'rough' drawings and sketches. For some reason I feel like I can NOT do those in my other book LOL.

Rosa multiflora. At least that is what I think it is! Before we went out to eat on Mother's Day, I spent some time in the garden- weeded one of my veggie beds, and drew these wild roses :)
I got some use in my new sketchbook while waiting for the ferry. I know it worked well because I have no idea how long passed- but I am sure it was quite a while... I started out in water soluble graphite- and since we were STILL there after I was done, I added some colour :) I also took a reference photo in case I later wanted to paint it properly ;)
So we moved up a little- I got in a quick sketch of the rocks in the water, then we moved more (some people think it is fun to leave huge gaps and move later) then the pier remains. At least I think they are remains- they could be put there for birds to nest on :) I was a little flummoxed at how to draw water with my watercolour pencils- especially since the water was kind of greenish brown. I was not very successful- so I know that I need to practise the water more :)


  1. I love LOVE all of these sketches! The ducks and landscapes waiting for the ferry, the plants, ALL of them. What kind of watercolor crayons and sketchbook did you get? It all seemed to work out very well :-)

  2. Staedtler watercolour crayons and my favourite Strathmore sketch :) I like the Strathmore paper- seems to hold up pretty well considering it is a sketch pad LOL

  3. Great stuff!! Love the ducks(I think I am obsessed with them for some reason) and the indian strawberry drawing is really good! But I still love the ducks and the ducklings the most :) Quack quack!!

  4. Those ducks are the cutest things! Very well done.


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