Monday, May 18, 2009

Everyday in Nature

Having seen the Cachet Earthbound Sketchbook on several

These first two pages are just snippets from the day- a honeysuckle vine, clouds and the poppies in the median strip on the interstate (that one is from memory of course)...

... and here are two of our roses from the garden, Rosa alba 'semi plena and Rosa gallica 'officinalis'
Sunday brought unpleasant and rather cool weather. So I dug out my trusty stash of reference photos and went to work. I have been using my camera a lot recently, to take reference pictures of plants and animals and what-not, so I can draw later. This usually occurs when I am out with the family- the kids are not particularly patient when waiting ;)

Today's offering is a series of sketches of a mourning dove. When a pair sat underneath the feeder, eating away, I took the opportunity to observe and sketch, adding a little colour with my pencils. This sketchbook begs for colour... ;)


  1. awesome journal! :) Really like the brown pages, and the way you utilized white for the highlights and all. It's both unique and creative!

  2. These are really lovely and gentle. Love the honeysuckle.
    The white pen looks good on your rose page too.


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