Tuesday, May 12, 2009

More Everyday in May...

When I went to Williamsburg on Mother's day, the poppies were out in full bloom... I had a photo of my daughter in them, but decided to try a quick sketch with the watercolour crayons- practise for some later date to do on location. This is a lot looser than my usual style- but it was quite fun to do :)

This lone tree caught my eye as I waited for the ferry on Sunday. We did not stop in a good place for me to paint it from life, but I managed to get two photos to use as references- here is a colour pencil sketch :)

You can also catch some of my garden pictures (and the one of the ducklings) at my Garden Blog.


  1. Very nice! I especially like the landscape :-)
    Thanks for the info on the watercolor crayons - I'm going to look for those.

  2. Thank you and you are very welcome. I know there are other watercolour crayons out there- but these were in Michaels- with my money off coupon they were quite reasonable :)


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