Friday, May 15, 2009

Everyday... it's a Mother's Life

So for EDiM #14, I decided to revisit the spiderwort from EDiM #5. I had hoped to get the vividness of the colours with my pastels. Uh- not going to work! it DID give me an opportunity however to test out some new ideas with pastels. Didn't work too badly, but certainly not quite what I wanted. Oh well, practise makes perfect!

I loved the colours in this one, but did not like the watercolour paper I was trying. I might have liked it better with an underpainting ;) I also did not like the fact that my yellow would not go over the blue too good.

My second experiment was on the Strathmore pastel paper, which I am just not that fond of. It does have a nice tooth, BUT seems so flimsy! This time I tried a more textured look. I should have mixed my methods and I think I might just have gotten what I wanted lol. This one I loved the soft feel and the light...

So, what happens when your 5 yo daughter gets up at 6:30am with Daddy? By 9:20am, you find her sleeping in her big brother's bed while he does school... :D

Couldn't resist the sketch opportunity. She sleeps funny though... ;)

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