Wednesday, May 13, 2009

More Everday Nature :)

So I am plodding along with my nature studies in May... the fact that it was shockingly cool yesterday (and windy) made the thought of being outside unpleasant- so I drew one of my pictures.

I believe this grass is a relative of flax- yes that one very useful plant with it's linseed oil and fibres for spinning :)
Today however, I made up for it and drew two- one outside from the bush itself, the other inside with fresh outdoor flowers :)

The rose is a mystery rose- we dont know what it is as it was sent to us by mistake!!

So I documented the parts of it in an effort to find it's identity. Now I feel fully armed- we have photos, and my notes :)

The air is filled with the scent of honeysuckle right now- lovely. I journalled honeysuckle because I love it- if you click it you SHOULD be able to read the page :)


  1. what a nice observation, and great journalism!
    The sketches are so fine and detailed!

  2. It looks like a multiflora (I think that's the name) or rambling rose. I've never seen a pink one though. We have wild white roses that are shaped just like the mystery flower.

    Have you ever seen the work of Anna Comstock? Your work reminds me of her. She was a naturalist artist.

    Peace and Laughter,

  3. Thank you Alex :)
    Cristina- hmmm... we have the wild Multiflora here- I drew that one the other day :)
    And I have her book, but never really paid attention to the art inside it. I am going to remedy that right now!
    Thanks for the compliment!


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