Thursday, May 07, 2009

EDiMs #6 and #7

For your perusal...
With the incessant rain we have had over the past few days, the garden has been a very wet place to be! Luckily for my EDiM project, I had taken the opportunity one day during a break in the rain, to go and take some photos... and the pinks below are a result.

They were dotted with raindrops or dewdrops or some kind of water drops- I am not sure what ;), and they seemed to illustrate the weather perfectly. The water drops intimidated me a little, but I perservered.

This buttercup however is a product from AFTER the storm. My daughter brought it in from the garden this morning, and we put it in a jar. It sat there while I showed my son what a day at school would feel like, then while he worked (and complained) I drew it :)
The rain has finally cleared up (mostly) and we are looking forward to some dryer weather- but the humidity now is VERY high!!


  1. Lovely drawings! I like the buttercup a lot, the color is as vibrant as it's supposed to be. :)

  2. My dad always says that flowers are even prettier after a storm - I think he must be right, your buttercup is so lovely :)

  3. Thanks Alex and Angeltreats- the colour was the reason I chose colour pencils :) They have great yellows!

  4. Both drawings are wonderful. I think the waterdrops turned out very well, kudos on your courage! About a "real" day of school, my four kiddos are homeschooled also. When they get antsy or whiny, DH and I break out the stories of spending hours at our desks in public schools. Our version of the old, "When I was your age..." ;)

  5. Ffyrebird- precisely. Only our stories were not longer enough- I actually gave him a 'school' day (at home though LOL). He wasn't too happy about it!!!

  6. Oh and thanks for the compliments :D


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