Monday, May 04, 2009

Busy as a Bee

Busy- that's me. OK not so busy, but busy enough! I have been drawing- just not posting ;)
AND I have decided to participate in Everyday in May again! This was started by French Toast Girl, you can visit her blog here.)
So here are my first few EDiMs!

EDiM #1: The rose New Dawn was one of my first blooming roses this year-and I thought it worthy of drawing as my first EDiM. My notebook let me down by the pages being so thin you can see the following (or previous) page through them- so I had to mess with my graphics program to stop it. I was unfortunately not able to do this with ALL my pictures- so the new rule is, right hand pages only. Which is OK. Once I finish it, I'll probably go back to my favourite home-made journals ;)
I spent a long time doing the stippling for it- only I am not sure how long because I was also watching TV- which is quite useful when doing something that takes that long ;) It is rather soothing then...

EDiM#2: This is some kind of large beetle (it was over an inch long) from our back yard. I used a photo to draw it- the poor fellow was terrified of us and wouldn't stand still at ALL. Hence the motion in the picture LOL. When I saw him, I knew at once I had to draw him because of my Flickr friend Leslie- who has one of the most amazing beetle collections to draw from- and as a result some of the most amazing beetle painting collections to see. I highly recommend visiting it ;)

EDiM#3: This little fellow came about because when Mum and Dad were visiting, Dad had to photograph the birds- they are very different from the English counterparts :) This photo inspired my baby sister, who drew it in her notebook (the one my notebook inspired her to keep LOL) as well. Since yesterday was a little too wet to draw outside (I got soaked and muddy doing a little gardening- nothing to strenuous as I dont want packed soil, but a little pulling, some planting and lots of mulching), I searched my pictures for some inspiration. This one jumped out at me (again) and I had to draw the cheeky fellow!
As you might have guessed, my theme for EDiM this year, is 'Nature'. I am hugely inspired by the Sketching in Nature blog, and my fantastic Flickr friends who just love to draw everything from nature :)


  1. I love the yellow bird ^^ It's like "Hello!" :D
    Your sketches have so much style!

  2. These are all wonderful! You have been busy. I like your nature theme - it should be a fun month!

  3. Thank you Alex- that is precisely what it makes me think too :)
    Thank you Ann- I certainly hope it IS fun- I think it will be ;)

  4. Gorgeous! And I admire your stippling. I prefer crosshatching because stippling makes me crazy. :o)

    Thank you for your comment on my Flickr account! I didn't see it until I went to post my Friday comic that week. You may be the first person who has commented on my Flickr page!

    Peace and Laughter,

  5. A fun month indeed! Enjoying your postings.

  6. Cristina- I have commented several times LOL- I see your updates in my feed when I check Flickr ;)
    Thanks for the compliment- normally I prefer crosshatching too (easier and faster) but occasinally I channel a pointillist and want to stipple ;)
    Thanks Sue! I hope so!

  7. Nice to see your work again - these are great. The stippling is very impressive - what patience!


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