Friday, April 24, 2009

Virtual Sketch Date- Rhododendron

Virtual Sketch Date- Rhododendron Bud
Originally uploaded by spinneretta

Click on the image for a large view :)

My entry for the Virtual Sketch Date April 2009, which can be found here Virtual Sketch Date April 2009 from a VSD photo by Jeanette Jobson

I decided to try watercolours for this one- which never scans quite right :/ I was not 100% satisfied with this one, but still quite like the result :)


  1. This is really nice! I like the softness of this - something I have a hard time getting with watercolor.

  2. A delicate and gentle rendering.

  3. You did a beautiful job of this. I love watercolours but I struggle hard with them myself. You have done very well.

  4. beautiful soft airy look to this :D well done!

  5. This is very nice. I like the soft look and you captured the colors and textures of the flower bud.


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