Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The Snow...

OK there will probably be a couple of snow posts- we got a good 8 inches of snow here (at least) and the power was out for 38.5 hours and record setting low temperatures! (That was a cold night).
No power, meant I got to draw quite a bit, but I also took a lot of photos :)
They promise me that the spring comes back by the end of the week :D

Another ATC- I was experimenting with a technique in this one- and I am not happy with it :/
Always something outside the window when it snows...
But when it gets dark, there is not a lot of light! The mirror image really captured my attention...

a trip in the car made me memorise the colours of sun and shade on the snow- which I later painted in pastel :)


  1. Your 'mirror image' picture looks really good on the coloured paper. The glow of the paper adds and extra warmth to the glow of the lamp. Lovely.

  2. Thanks Cat :) It does capture the 'feel' of the dark room. I wanted to touch it up later, but just couldn't bring myself to mess with it much at all LOL. i like the way it captured the oil-lamp light... :)

  3. Your snowy sketches are lovely and I like your 'mirror image' drawing very much. No power for 38.5 hours! I bet you all were cold! They are promising spring-like weather for us too. Yeah right.

  4. It must have been nice to draw by the glow of the lamp, a lovely soft light. As for the snow, a pretty scene, but not too good without electricity.
    Enjoyed looking at your nature journals, really nice pages.

  5. Ann- we were cold- luckily for us we have a kerosene heater. It just about managed to keep the house tolerable :)
    Milly- I love lamplight, and I always love drawing by it too. I'd have loved the snow if the power had stayed on!


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