Sunday, March 22, 2009

Free Herb Magazine

I posted this to my garden blog but wanted to share it here.
The Essential Herbal magazine is offering a free copy of its sold out edition concerning vegetable gardens :)
dig for victory here and get your own copy!

You might also like to know that Mother Earth News has a "Grow Your Own Food" guide out as well- worth getting :)
Those of us who have been doing this for years are loving the new trend... :D


  1. I've heard it forcasted that the nurseries are going to run out of seeds early this year, there's such a run on them, and a greater desire to vegetable garden.

    I love your blog. I always wanted to keep a nature journal, way before Charlotte Mason became popular (my kids were old by that time). I do have sketch books going back to college. The best thing ever done was my architecture prof making us do a sketch a day, and I keep thinking I should do that again.

    Do you have the old book 'The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady'? I found it at a used book store and love it! Then, cuz I'd lived in the desert, I picked up 'A Dessert Scrapbook' that is lovely too. And then for the 'how to' I like 'Keeping a Nature Journal'.

    I'm doing more textile art these days. Can't do everything! Maybe if we didn't have to sleep ...

  2. so maybe my post did go thru?

  3. I just looked at your books. I see the Edwardian Lady book. I'll check on some of the others from the library.

  4. LOL I deleted your repeated posts :) I have it moderated but no confirmation letters so people don't need to squint to figure it out.
    I do have Country Diary- I love it a lot, such an inspiration :) I also have 'Keeping a Nature Journal'- another favourite :) Do check out some of my links- there are some really nice books there, I love sharing books :)
    You added that you'd do more pastels (in the deleted repeat comment) if you did more art- I love pastels and I think it is because of the texture. I like the way it feels when I draw with them...


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