Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Art Pages

Playing with my pastels again :) Started out with a study of hands...

I am exploring this medium some, but the limited movement my sore wrist allows is making it difficult :) I really like the one on the left though...
Although I might add that after using pastels my hands can look like the one on the right ;)

Dashed outside this afternoon for a little while to enjoy the sun. It's been 5 days of rain- I am out of practise with that ;)
My daffodils are in full bloom- two clumps are just getting ready :) My hyacinths are smelling sweet and the paeonies are sprouting.
Nice day :)


  1. Nice hands! I've been playing with pastels too but lets say that I need more practice ;)
    Spring is slowly coming to Montreal: the snow is melting but no blooms yet.

  2. Really like the hands. Wonderful use of color.


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