Friday, March 27, 2009

Virtual Sketch Date- March Edition

I almost missed this one- just like I DID miss February's one :o
Virtual Sketch Date is a blog where a monthly photo challenge is posted. Artists from all over the world participate- drawing or painting their own interpretation of the image :)
You can see all the other entries PLUS the original picture at the VSD blog :)
This month, the challenge was two house finches at the feeder. It seems to have been a real challenge as it incorporates more than one kind of subject- the birds, the feeder AND the background trees. My motto- have fun and keep it simple :D Which I did!

Soft Pastels on Strathmore Pastel Paper. 9" x 12"


  1. very pleasant painting, nice colours

  2. Very nice! I like how you captured the shine on the top of the feeder.

  3. Your children are lucky to have such a talented mum!

  4. This is a lovely version of the photo.
    Really soft and subtle.

  5. I love the muted colors you chose. Very nice!


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