Thursday, March 05, 2009

EDM #213: Draw a Microwave

Click for a larger picture.

I had originally planned on drawing this one while cooking my baked potatoes last night- but I forgot because I wanted to finish a book :p Instead, I did it today :) while it just sat there.
we went for years without one, and only replaced it recently after our toaster oven started scaring us by not turning off. We voted on this one because it toasts too- therefore I can now use this to defrost things, and cook cup-eggs and baked potatoes (and reheat) which seems to be all I do with it!

Chalk pastels on Canson mi-teintes in a homemade notebook.


  1. Wow. Does that look shiny! Excellent drawing :)

  2. hee-hee it IS shiny :) It's stainless steel, and at the time of day I was drawing, the light was coming in the window and reflecting off of it...

  3. Very nice! You must have polished it finger prints. :)

  4. Deborah- that's actually it's natural state *grin*... it is not in the most convenient spot, and the kids have been banned from using it ;)

  5. Great job with this. The metallic is especially well done. I just recently started experimenting with pastels and enjoy seeing other artists work in pastels..

  6. smiff the squiff6 March 2009 at 04:22

    Very nice. You caught it really well. You can't beat a nice chrome microwave. :o)


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