Sunday, March 08, 2009

Notebook Pages to Start Spring

I have some wonderful friends who, for some unknown reason, sent me some presents... the prismatic chimes sent rainbows over the room, so I added those to my notebook pages :)
The soap and nail-brush was rather useful today and the garden ornaments went outside today as well :)

The Love this Journal group had set a challenge to do a spread for St. Patrick's Day. This is my contribution.

What happens when the weather hits the 80's in March? Well *I* go outside, prep my vegetable garden, plant peas and spinach and broccoli raab and get sunburned.
OK the last is not intentional, but still a yearly event. I always underestimate the power of the sun in March!
Actually I have been burned in January, which is kind of embarrassing!! No- I am not a red-head. In fact I burn faster than my red-headed husband!!
Anyway, I recorded my time outside, then accidentally sprayed my book with the hose! It created an interesting effect with the pastel around the edges... I just read about using the pastels and water to spread it around. I'll have to try it :) I decided to use the pastels to draw after looking through my art books and seeing that some of the Masters used chalk to do their sketches- I figured chalk pastel might give similar effects. I don't recommend hosing them down though... :)


  1. Wow, I love your journaling. I thought it was scrap book pages until I clicked on the pix. Great Job! I hope your Nan gets well soon.

  2. Lovely new pages.....I miss journaling. Seems like everything i do these days is a onesie of this on paper, another onesie on wood....and you've made me realize i miss my journal. THANX for that, and for you inspiring pages.

  3. Thank you all :)
    Carol, it is really designed just like scrapbook pages, only I draw it all :)
    BMoon- you are very welcome- I hope to see some of your pages soon :)
    Tracy- thanks again :)

  4. Love your St Patricks spread!!!


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