Saturday, February 28, 2009

Lots of Art

And a few (very few) notes about them :)

Periwinkle in Crayola crayon- check out these Crayola artists :) Don Marco and Tiona Marco.

ATC- Pysanky Egg II. I enjoyed the first one so much I made another one...

ATC- Gnome on the wing. An addition to my gnome ATCs :)

Nature Journal Pages:
Painted outside in the garden, using my waterbrush and watercolours and watercolour pencils.

The kids were investigating a patch of orange moss- I painted them looking at it :)
The tree on the right is a sweetgum- you can harvest the sap and chew it like gum!

ATC- Chickadee in Crayola Crayon. Another ATC, this one messing around with crayola crayons.

ATC- postie. Makes me think of the Alison Uttley books...

I actually drew in public- first from the car, second IN the restaurant ;)

Pastels look much better on my pastel paper- these were inspired by my garden catalogues. I love gooseberries- the top is Gooseberry Fool, below is Peppery.


  1. Do you ever make gooseberry fool?
    If so where can you find enough gooseberries?

  2. Do you ever make gooseberry fool? If so where do you find gooseberries??

  3. I rarely see them here in the states- you kind of have to find yourself a grocery store with a good produce section!
    The best way though is to grow your own- we had about 8 bushes when I was a kid- enough for the birds and us!

  4. Beautiful. I love how you dressed up the chickadee. Such funny little birds.

    If you ever sketch from photos, feel free to use any of the Italy pictures. I'm feeling the itch myself.

    Peace and Laughter!

  5. Thank you Cristina... I might just find myself there using them- I admit, several of them did catch my eye, and before the power went out Sunday I was going to ask... now it is back on and I don't need too...

    which one to pick first? Thanks!


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