Monday, February 23, 2009

ATCs and Inspirations

After admiring Judy's ATCs (that is Artist's Trading Cards) the other day, I joined a couple of ATC groups she suggested so I could swap some too. I decided I really should MAKE some ATCs to swap first- and build up a bunch of them...

I started with Mrs. Brown, inspired by my Beatrix Potter tribute.

Then I added a flower...

And today I did a family heirloom. I thought it might be fun to see my inspiration... as I was going off to sleep last night, I looked over at this family heirloom on our washstand. "That WOULD make a nice picture" I thought to myself... and today, I had to make it :)

So I took the picture and drew it, then painted it with my watercolours. Sometimes the scanner just wont scan it well- as in this case. And yes, I can see where I made mistakes because I was trying to squeeze it onto an ATC :) But I enjoyed doing it!

And voilà! My finished ATC :)

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