Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Things and Art

I just posted a bunch of work on my TAD account, so thought I should share it here. First up, something I did not post on there- and ATC that I made for my husband for our anniversary. He loves bluebirds because they are his favourite colour AND we see them when spring comes ;) This male was at our feeder the other day, with his mate. He was a tad skittish, so I took a couple of photos, which I then used to make the ATC.

Friday, my TAD was obviously Valentines. I had to produce a bunch because the kids wouldn't do theirs fast enough. That was 16 to start with.
Then some of the homeschooler, their Mothers and I produced these 20 cards to go out to some local priests and nuns:

By myself, I made over 20 that day! I was exhausted and so the next day, drawing was not my priority. In fact- I forgot to draw at all!
I did however, get some spinning done- and planned an ahka spindle...

Not much to get excited about here, but a very soothing practise ;)

Then I tried working on my Valentine's weekend page:
I was uninspired. I had managed to draw the robins from the car, but the rest was added on Monday- when I was feeling poorly and did my usual sketch of sore throats- a bullseye on the not-true-to-life me ;)
Last night I was ready to draw again, and sat there for a good hour or so, trying to figure out what to draw. I finally decided on EDM #209- Draw a Shadow. And then I sat there looking for one. Finally, I realised the best shadow I had seen all night, was the one on my page BELOW my hand, a tricky but fun exercise!

Shading is pretty sketchy in this one, because I was trying to rush it (late night drawing will do that to you!). And THAT is my series of things for the last 5 days ;)
Oh, one more I DID forget, was the geography text I am working on for DS. THAT is over at my learning notes blog...

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