Sunday, February 08, 2009

Daffs, Dragons and Elliephants

It feels like spring here now, but the other day I was just dreaming of it. Digging out last years daffodil photos made me feel better, and I drew one for this spread.

I messed up the shading on this brightly lit flower, so I decided on another try...
In the meantime I designed a couple of Elliephants (intentional mis-spelling ;)) for my sister Ellie- two versions here...

And a dragon, also for Ellie. They are to be part of her website at Calithorne Creations...

While thinking up these though, I was working on daffodil 2- which pleases me MUCH more than no. 1 did :)

This was done on Bristol board with Prismacolor pencils- I am finally beginning to get this medium!!


  1. My Mum's remembrances of Devon always included daffodils, violets, and lambs.
    Do you ever use watercolour pencils? I use them first, then go over the picture with a wet brush.
    Yours is very nice!

  2. Yes I do- I love the ease of watercolour pencils for adding a watercolour look :)
    Thanks for the compliments!


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