Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Art Working Day

So I have been busy today- preparing things to swap and experimenting with things :) First up comes the recipe card for my snow-friend swap. I decided my partner needed a warming recipe ;)

Then I wanted to try out my oil pastels. I don't have any turpentine, so I made do with smudging some ;) This was my first real try with them, and I modelled it after Monet's Garden, The Iris. There is something very appealing about that painting :)

Whilest looking for Lenten crafts for my children, I ran across a great colouring page site. here they mentioned the Pysanky egg- which I think looks very similar to Zendoodles (if you colour them) :)


  1. That egg is beautiful! We used to make those eggs when I was little, and the smell of beeswax always reminds me of that.

  2. Nice colours and variety in these offerings! I never cease to be inspired by Monet.

  3. Love the doodle egg! I have never tried oil pastels, you are giving me so many ideas!! I love the recipe card too. :) Cheers!


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