Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Just in time for Valentines day, the lovely Ann gifted me with this award! So now I have to list seven things I love, followed by seven bloggers I love... a hard task!

1. Husband
2. Children
3. Caramel filled chocolates
4. Spring flowers
5. Lavender and roses
6. Spring colours
7. Books!

and now for 7 bloggers!
1. The Happy Painter
2. Genine's Art Blog
3. Lin at View from the Oak
4. Sketches by Fiz
5. Omphaloskepsis
6. Drawings from Nature
7. Borromini Bear

As you can see from my blog-lists in the sidebar on the right, I love a LOT of art blogs, these are just a few. DO take the time to browse those in the sidebar :)

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  1. Thank you very much, I'm honoured you thought of me!


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