Monday, February 23, 2009

Daybook for Monday 23rd February

Peggy over at the Simple Woman's Daybook hosts these daybooks, run on over for a look :)


Outside my window...
cold, windy and sunny... the trees are getting ready to bloom though, and the birds are singing like it is spring. I'm convinced!

I am thinking...
that I really hope the headache goes away...

I am thankful for...
a thoughtful DH. He planned yesterday to do things the kids wanted to- they had a great time :) The things they wanted to do were quite odd... DD wanted to clean the sink and DS wanted to go antiquing... (amongst other normal things like playing Legos...)

From the learning rooms... I think we'll drop Greek until another time. I saw Drew's reasoning for doing this in the Latin Centered Curriculum 2nd Edition, and I think he is right.

From the kitchen...
chicken. In the crockpot. I need to check how long it needs to cook :)

I am wearing... grey skirt, white blouse with black stripes. Black long socks and plaited (braided) hair.

I am creating...
Lenten plans. We'll have some homeschoolers over for a craft later this week and I really want to make the Lenten season special. :)

I am going... probably to the store- we went a little late yesterday and they were out of some of the things I needed.

I am reading...
some magazines (CL UK edition and Victoria) plus some art books and novels from the library.

I am hoping...
to get!

I am hearing... Rebel playing and birds singing.

Around the house...
Cleaning. Finish M'Lady's book... at least the printing part ;)

One of my favorite things...
is garden planning- with spring on the way I need to order seeds!.

A few plans for the rest of the week:
celebrate M'Lady's 5th birthday!!

Here is picture thought I am sharing...
Artists Trading Cards (ATCs) are trading card sized original artworks that artists swap- such fun!

Mrs. Brown Takes tea

Mrs. Brown reading

Periwinkle or Vinca major.

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