Thursday, February 05, 2009


I joined in the February Thing-A-Day 2009 (T-A-D) this year- in an effort to be more creative this month :) and have been posting my creative things there.
However, I wouldn't want you to miss out - so here they are :)

First up, the cakes and rolls I made for DD's birthday dinner. She had requested 'little pink' cakes, and had wanted strawberry, but I had a nice recipe for raspberry cakes that I used (from MaryJane's Farm). They are really scrummy ;)

The rolls were for 'chicken biscuits'. The long story behind her choice of this for dinner comes with a breakfast at Chick-fil-A last weekend- she had chicken minis there- a favourite she had been begging for for weeks. Unfortunately, she had left one biscuit- which she planned to save. Only daddy threw it away. Needless to say this was a MAJOR disaster to her, and tears ensued. SO I suggested I could make some for her birthday.

We picked up some of the Chick-fil-A chicken and put it in my homemade rolls- thumbs up from M'Lady! She had also requested 'food' for dinner. 'Real food like beans and green beans!'. So that's what she got ;)

Towards the end of the day, I filled in the title page of my new sketchbook I am planning on using for coloured pencils- I made up the mouse after being inspired by a patch on the door which made me think of her.

The following is a spread in the new notebook. For some reason I was inspired to draw Odysseus and the Cyclopes- here he is escaping from the Cyclopes lair.

This was really quite fun to draw, only I wasn't quite sure what colour to make my cyclopes- he ended up being a dirty beige colour LOL.


  1. This reminds me of the style of the D'Aulaire books.

  2. Wow! You are creative! Cook & Artist!
    And you look like quite the homemaker... I already have a load of admiration for the fact alone that you homeschool. I think you have to have alot of patience to do that..Wow! Let me say Wow Again!!

    Thanks for your comments on my blog! I always love to meet new friends! :) Have a great weekend!
    ~ Ann Marie


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