Thursday, January 29, 2009


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page 2 of my Sammy story.

One day L... brought Sammy a brand new ball to play fetch with.


  1. Oh wow, this is priceless. Your daughter will have it forever, and she will always know how much you cared.


  2. I love the drawing and your idea of giving the book to your daughter. I will be something she will treasure always.

  3. Beautiful picture - I love the pose. Was that from a photo? Really lovely.

  4. The pose, like the story, is made up :)
    I used about three or four reference photos for the dog, and one for DD- I made her pose the way I wanted her to LOL. The dog, well Mum's photos weren't right, so I used one of hers for colours, and a couple of cocker pictures online for the pose, then kind of made up the nose since none were quite right.

  5. You made the pose up? Impressive! It's so cute.

  6. Thank you- yes I did.
    I had aside view sitting dog picture, a pointing nose dog picture and a front view Sammy photo- he was NOT quite sitting- so I mixed the three and got a pointing nosed, not quite sitting Sammy picture LOL.
    I need to reference to make sure my shapes are right because without, my dogs are always off proportionally!


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