Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Frosty Robin

EDM Challenge #204: Draw Something Frosty. The weather here in Central Virginia has not been precisely co-operative as far as frosty things go, yet it has not been cold enough for frosty drinks either ;) So when this little guy appeared in one of my favourite magazines (Country Living UK Edition) and was sitting on a frosty twig, I knew he'd be the perfect subject.
The English robins are quite different from their American counterparts. They are smaller (about the size of a sparrow), and very terratorial, defending their territories from intruders - they'll even attack red rags in spring!


  1. Nicely done - love the berries and the little bit of frost on the branch. Are American robins quite big then?

  2. Yes- the American robins are about the size of a thrush, they are not round they look just like a female blackbird with a red breast :) I'll have to draw one for comparative purposes ;)

  3. I love robins and this sketch really captures that cheeky birdie. Lovely drawing.

  4. I am happy to award you the One Lovely Blog Award. You will find the graphic at this post.

    Now it's your turn to pass it on to seven lovely friends!


  5. I really love this...super composition...and a lovely little berry branch! :)

  6. love the colours on this... lovely sketch.

    added a link for your blog on my site. hope you don't mind. :O)

    and thank you for your comments on mine.

  7. Thank you MD :)
    Thank you Kim- I posted my awards too ;)
    Thanks Anita and Margaret Ann. Thank you Chris- I don't mind at all :)


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