Wednesday, January 14, 2009

BOOK REVIEW: Food Matters

Food Matters
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This book by Mark Bittman, is a great read. In the style of Michael Pollan, he gives you an "how to" guide for "eating consciously". It's the awareness factor- do you know what you are eating?
He gives a lot of information on practises within the world of processed food, and describes how he lost weight with his 'before 6' diet.
He has a 4 week menu plan, and a boatload of recipes. Each recipe is accompanied by notes- many of which guide you in making a few seasonal changes :)
It is the first 'how to' guide I have seen for the way *I* have always thought we should eat- and my favourite aspect is definitely those annotations on seasonal changes. There are not enough of those as far as I am concerned, but the menus are interesting, the food simple, and yummy :)
Enjoyable Read :) 4 **** Stars


  1. Interesting post - like your page honoring this book which you respect and use, and the information on the content. Will look it over in bookstore next time I'm there!

  2. I Loved this book. My wife and I read it together and are spening a year really living by it. You can read our review, if you like, here.


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