Monday, January 19, 2009

Bunnies and Presidents

Well I spent the last few days churning out drawings- but you wont see most of them because I wont be posting them.
Not that they are terrible- far from it. They are just my learning curve pictures as i work my way through Lee Hammond's "How to Draw Lifelike Portraits from Photographs".
I am pretty sure that the noses, mouths and moustaches (spheres, cylinders and eggs too) I have drawn are of little interest- so you'll have to make do with these entries in my notebook :)

We brought our rabbit Mocha inside the other night, because the temperatures were dipping pretty low. The poor thing did not care for the much smaller indoor cage, nor for the constant 'loving' from the kids. He had a few tantrums and kept trying to escape. As soon as the mercury got above freezing, we put him back out, much to his happiness :)

While inside, I was able to sketch him in a few different poses, using my water soluble graphite and my water brush. I actually enjoyed those tools- they made sketching a quick and fun thing to do :)

After doing some of the exercises in Lee Hammond's book, I felt much more up to the task I had set myself for today- drawing the 43rd President on his last day in office. I thought it would be appropriate to record events of note in my notebook. I still have a ways to go with my shading and toning technique. Actually it's the blending part of it I need to work on! Not bad though!


  1. Love your rabbit pictures - especially the first one! You've really got him perfectly there - the face shape is brilliant.

    Hate to point this out, but it's 2009 now.... :-) (your date on the Bush picture). Tee hee, I'm still doing that too!

  2. LOL The worst part is I titled my SCAN 09- just not the photo! I have often said that the reason 1/2 my writing on my pictures has errors is that it is in the 1/2 of the brain NOT used to draw ;)


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